About List Diary

Lists are a part of our life and we need it almost every day. So, we have decided to create List Diary, the list site. We will be immensely proud, if this creation of ours helps any individual sitting at some corner of this beautiful planet. Our handpicked lists will cover a lot of niches like finance, politics, lifestyle, health, sports and what not. Please note, that the lists will not be any top 10, top 17 or something like that. In fact, it will depend on the requirement and priority with continuous up-gradation of the lists.


  • To collect data from verified sources
  • Make it available for everyone individual in the world
  • Create a Wikipedia of lists

We respect every language in the world because all of them are beautiful. But, we ask for apology because this initiative of ours is only available in English as of now and we are trying to make it multilingual as soon as possible.

Who will be benefited?

Anybody who is curious about lists, irrespective of age, gender, race, community and nationality. So just relax and enjoy our lists. Thanks a lot.