What is the Naive Bayes Classifier?

Whatever the old ladies present we’re gonna treat it with the meeting on cigarette smoke today We’re gonna treat it to be in the S zero The total cholesterol has several players cast to improve the value Rabbinical A strong dollar 1,000,000 again You are beautiful So I’ll be totally honest on variable I’m gonna treat it buddy Median value alike Systolic blood pressure Assam number four players of this old clears again.

I’m going to treat it with big media I’m Shericka All the missing Malaysian were treated with the median on the desolate good person again House in cochlear It has been treated with Libya on the BME Also its number of all players I’m treating a bit nearly If I could check there are no missing values So what happened for all the new American data with the median if the outlives percent For all the categorical data we have just taken the more and we have So is that any dope Yes Going any enough board or this around Simple things The tray and good morning and possible So is that any disturbance in me Wise What is it Care to Go here All nine families have been appropriately computer so we have taken it.

If the data diapers object on taking the unique vendors again Converting the categorical in numerical any of its again But it’s so you never wait for Analysis How do we do this plot I hope for the solution is present Not definitely Do not know how long this university book well haven’t polo for which we will for every column with a black box block village Mr. Han for okay before that How do you install it What are the variables That subplots thing How are you in the 11 No uh if stabilise by one a lot like this And how did it How do you do Supports it A bird Understand Make Liston the Eric adored of plots The bill did our top lords dot subplots You have to give it a plot.

What do I wanted you in Bruce is equal Before you caused the person who I wouldn’t go there for a big come-on the access of it So then what is this Is that have you sit One is that I get Assad applaud empty plot like this after city figure Saiz I think size uh figure said something from Dodd Said Said safely I said Just said size in just income by something No way of getting I’m getting in the book, No I want at this plot What is this school or college it doesn’t isn’t on display This present 31 best of a poker table.

I’m getting just a variable main SMS best the plot Basic law Bf off What do you But they won’t eat I’m that How do you give the access Is he acted Sequitur access Yes Yes Access off zero Well I’m getting in this water even bigger Right Okay Acceptable Becoming for the age Senator It’s in this dog box Flock B if off a practice equipped duty X yes access Yo Therefore the Axis video one That’s the one thing we do it and then in Capri pay from the solution How does that make them for any Siebel said data So after that for it You don’t That that they uh it’s it is distribution something this revolution so I can give informed test for this Oh okay I want a supporter So you’re getting its distribution from 11 You can accept title for this They distribution baht float something of your choice The distribution So similarly you can plot for all the variables you can plot 40 cigarettes Faraday distribution.

Let then what is the thing that you have to do if you have to refer to this excess I’m just going to copy plays the same thing So it is going to be one comma zero if I’m going to refer to this port one Come on one Then it is to come up Zero on it is to come on one So I’m going to change the prolactin So that beautiful So this could be a very handed a commitment You’re going to submit your caption report but it and stuff taking many plots so you will be given and constraint Beating every captured probably happen A media project notes within 5 to 6 pages So if you’re gonna plotted individually right basting not up spaces in the pages like Other than that difficult they are used three Air Force uploads right You could go contrary Very beautiful Your dad God loves on give titles It’ll be visually pleasing and you can get marks about then the other Florida’s similarly given he figured access the That’s like blood pressure be in my heart rate the because everything you needed.

What we could together is better Okay Is present in the diastolic on being I can still be Spoon is a very person 100 notes Hudson skewed data It’s a daughter Assam opiates and we got us all train Okay so we have to treat the old players before So this trip the lock is another beautiful it last time we have seen it compared with the dependent variable who the independent variable this trip not use um very visually pleasing plot they could also your Since capital Lux capital is also in very good block It’s ah a big naval weight Whenever you’re going to do any more than scattered Lord is almost scattering Plot this be factor Caterp Lord Unbox plot will give any very good care We are going to use them Strip Look come personal needs With the anger people have miss probability of a heart attack This pattern this visible how would probably be off Heart attack is low even for the village people asked the booster that the inference What about this Lot better.

They’re going to make you boom the heavy lifting off recordings The inference is what matters on this trip Not between the heart back and cigarette smoke Put it on dust There is something more different thing It isn’t No it did not get a heart attack Got CEO It’s more cigarettes for them So probably they get heart attacks Sometimes here feature or something like that with the data that we have Ah and this is probably, therefore, architect miscount off cigarettes These people got him Have attack on the cigarettes Boob day It’s Hyatt in this old bothering you However the data set records where they probably their party back to zero on the open cold cigarettes for today’s tight So in this data what we have us the people who did not smoke they were people who smoked a lot did not get heart attack that So maybe the sampling of the data is not perfect enough.

I’m not commenting about that But that’s the observation from video The heart back and you don’t pay for less strongly But it uh no From what I hear on the heart attack and this is true the 50 who had a heart attack had somewhat marginally higher the pressure compared to people who did not have a heart attack under die Still a great pressure I’m actually again It’s waterless safe for the review Did not get back to work and help the d M a heart attack Let you could see the bm A of the people who had a heart attack is marginally higher on the heart attack and the heart rate People who did not give him a heart attack The heart rate is higher Compassion arrested eight pp Got capital All right.

We’re comparing for ah again no one would last a heart attack and be the, of course, the higher reality of glucose Hyejin So these are the observations that I got from the block The correlation But how do you use coordination here We’ll get into the model and I’ll keep explaining what only modeling things These are all basically that we’ve seen so far So it’s going and wanted to do the station.

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