Top part time businesses in the world

Part time job is common, but what about part time business? Getting something more than your salary is always good, isn’t it? So, here is a list of some part time businesses that you can do while continuing your job.

But, do consider few criterias like, you will need to keep on learning new things about your business, you will be serious about it and you will manage some time every day for your new business.

  • Stock Trading

It may sound weird, but there are many people who started as a part time trader along with a full time job and now they are successful full time traders. You need to study initially to understand the market. A lot of free videos are available in YouTube. It will be great if you are a commerce student, because you will be able to go through the balance sheets, profit-loss statements, etc. Then start trading with some small savings. There is no minimum investment because it will vary according to your country. Talk to a broker or any bank providing stock trading services and you can get started.

  • Blogging

If you are good at writing or you love to write, then you can surely start a blog. Choose a niche which fascinates you the most and go ahead. There are some free blogging platforms like blogger through which you can start with zero investment. Try to drive some traffic with SEO, social media activities and then apply for Google AdSense or other similar earning programs. If you want you can start your own blog website at around $250 (domain, hosting and development).

  • Tuition & Online Classes

This can be the easiest and most profitable part time businesses of all time. You can give tuitions at your home or take online classes on anything. One can prepare courses and sell in platforms like Udemy. There are many eBook selling sites like Amazon Kindle, where you can publish domain specific eBooks. Options like Zoom or Skype can help you to take online classes of students from any corner of the world.

  • Content Writing Service

Blogging is a great option, but one can start giving part time content writing services as well, if he or she is confident about his or her writing skills. Join Freelancer, Fiverr and other similar platforms to get started. There may people who might ask for the service through LnkedIn as well. So, mention that skill in your profile. Content writing has a lot of variations like web content, blogs, articles, press releases, etc.

  • Resume Writing Service

This is a very popular part time job. Many people offer this service of editing or updating or may be creating a professional resume. Fresher’s or even experienced candidates can also ask you for the service.

  • Catering Service

One of the most common and needed business  recently. All you need to have is good contact of resources who can provide you with their service. Initially you can promote a bit to get new catering orders and once you gain some popularity, the birthdays, weddings, in house parties will be waiting for you. If you have good management and soft skills, then this business can become your full time source of income even if you start it as a part time business initially.

  • Social Media Service

The  more digitized our world population is becoming, social media usage is increasing simultaneously. So, every business no matter from which industry they belong to uses social media service. To offer these service you need to team up with a copy writer and a graphics artist. It will be great if you could manage any one of these two skills. You can offer a social media service where you will plan, execute and handle the different social media profiles of a company.

  • Party Planner

The key skills needed for this business are networking and communication. So, along with your team, you also need to have all the supplies like food delivery, decoration resources, party props, etc. ready almost always. Then you can take up small in house party, engagement or birthday celebration contracts at the beginning and start the business.

  • Direct Sales

Along with your job, you can take up the initiative to directly sell some of the company’s products and earn some commissions from them. There are many local or national level companies all over the world, which has these type of seller programs. All you need to find out are the most demanding products in your area.

  • Proof Reader

This is a very flexible part time business. If you are very good at any of the languages, then you can offer proof reading service. There are similar types of projects available in almost all the popular freelancing platforms. You can start with that initially. LinkedIn is also a good option to get some direct projects as well.

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