The most popular pets in the world

The adorable pets often become a part of the family. They are like kids to many people all over the world. No matter from which part of the world you belong to, pets are an integral part of any civilization since ages. We created a list for the most common pets in the world, taking all the continents into consideration.

So, let’s have a look at the list of the most popular pets in the world:

  • Dogs – Dogs have been a part of history, and its relation with humans dates long time back. The police forces, the bomb squads use dogs a s an integral part of their troop. Millions of households all over the world have dogs as pets. There are different types of dogs that are kept as pets like Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shephard and many more. Even the street dogs also become a common pet of a neighborhood and they love to stay close to humans. Over the years, dogs had played a major role, sometimes being an assistant, a saver, a companion, a soldier and at times as security guards in protecting the house or property.
  • Cats – They are one of the most common pets. Their furry cute looks are pretty attractive to humans. Everywhere in the world they almost loiter around the houses and try to grab attention. There is an island in Japan known as the Ao Island, is dedicated to the cats. The cat to human ratio over there is 10:1.
  • Birds – These colorful creations of nature is also attractive because of their calls as well. All over the world different birds like parrots, cockatoos, owls, macaws, etc. are a part of the family. Normally most of the birds are pretty playful and entertaining in nature.
  • Fish – Not a single fish, but a collection of fishes makes a good aquarium. It is more of a hobby than just keeping these as pets. An aquarium is extremely tough to maintain, but still many people are passionate about it. The most common fishes are gold fish, discus, neon tetra, black molly, clown fish, etc.
  • Cows – Initially a domestic animal for farming, almost in every civilization, is also considered to be a very close pet to the humans. Since, the discovery of agriculture cows became an integral part of human society.
  • Donkeys – Previously, donkeys were used for carrying goods on their back for long distances. People from different parts of the world especially traders of the ancient times used donkeys extensively to carry things from one place to another. Camels and horses were also used sometimes. Still in some of the developing nations these animals are kept as pets to help the owners.

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