How to use a link function to add teams?

All the information Right now I bring my list that its fullness I got after legion mango banana and she on my type of lister’s Basically it’s a stranger It’s OK You can have individual infiltrate with us but so far again So if you want you have seen the tightness You don’t need to write anything just for our data under bracket and it will automatically think that list right If you want to see the Lindell Tellis use link function on if you want to add a team and suppose after initializing off your sees you want to add some element That is how you can do that.

You don’t have been functioning You add some element after you Initially in July Something regarding this the flutist dark app A on very Crips Right This is how we get I’ve been a new day tougher Do a wellness Okay so in now in the now you can see before we have after leaching mango banana algae-like now we have happened Leaching Mongol Been enough Jerry grips Okay this is how you get I uh you can add extracted evicted suddenness But I on one more thing least maintains that insertion order.

When I’m talking about inflation order means venue in Said something to your list right You are Harry happen Beachy at Bala Right So it will the same way it wouldn’t store your apple Giovanna Between what Jesu in social order off your So now say I got sick right So what Why He said we have sleaze right At any rate they are going to store the large along the beach you have But then you go for any the least Keep in mind that the main difference between this and Satan’s least contained duplicate element but the sea does not convict duplicate in Trey If you haven’t duplicate elements in your data between automatically if they don’t it will take on the single copy off that beat right on a Suppose you have a large among the beat right you if you have a virtual like.

So eat that library You have yourself books So maybe you have a reputed in our data office How can change that Right So using safe if you pass your lease value so that time do automated really imminent are duplicate value It will take on this in the GOP off that So you will get all the distinct books you have so say it isn’t out of an under its index collection We just really curly brackets We initialize safe including brackets Right Say is based on the mathematical safe concept The concept we having mathematics I see you don’t little’s, No that’s right on Say it does not mean that insertion order This is a made big difference between us and seat like C will contain duplicate value obviously will mean being not in social order right on for safe It does not find the depleted value It does not mean that intention on it Husband So according to your or use ish according to your requirement Will was just off state right now See how if we will die in July state right.

I said we do usefully backing So fruit lease on under the clinic bracket I did bus at the legion mangled another foodie I have to get so you can see a text mango been and I a mango apple Jijiga It is not mean meaning that impression order the way I inside my deduct right If you want cheap lived off the sick your main function If you want to add something that is one more cash in the least If you want to add something you start up in function But for the safe If you want to add something we use don’t add function right beside me Three difference between Eastern State Right when you were interviewing fighter.

They last you about this basic questions So please be ah sure about this basic concept that what is the difference between these on state Right I’m here I add it’s trailing in That is orange You can see my four stayed was mango apple cherry banana On the next I got orange as well in that used right Next comes fighting battles so we’ll be having please save So why Vinnie double so basically capitalist order on the unchangeable collection which is rooted in round brackets Okay so basically if you want to add something after you initialize your sample if you want to add somebody doesn’t work double That is not alone right It will not give you that A use ish that with the activity you add something after you in Chile’s your stubble Okay so please be keeping mine That being the difference between police state on top and according to you’re you this your requirement you can use distance.

It’s right So how can we initially stop it We use fruit Yes that is one stroke back What’s wrong Bracket Will you write the strong bracket Gore fighting will understand Yes You are initializing a couple Okay so then we will pass our beat Our for this apple Gina carbonara lunching on Well I printed You can see we got it Have been legion mango banana g right If you want to change their lives out that up What you need to do you live function on they do post up double valuable that it’s simply said I got my I have fight immigrants in my stuff right So being that mean difference made reason Why use least say Adam Now comes to a concept by conviction early So my fighting ditching five addiction is basically it’s a new order collection Off key-value Pius in close fit curly brackets.

So here is the catch we have to value appears right Suppose you think you for example for that You can understand why actually addiction Suppose you have a list of foods on you have Ah like a number off Tell me to have to Suppose I will have to be orange of 20 on the four Banana has study if you want to store them But for release seat and up in kind Use our that boiling rate Used Inclined You stores, Oh you guys store your beat up like apple in steam oranges strangely orbiting a study in back His picture dictionary there is to consider that this key on your banana with your key that truly still your key on the number off among Do you have That will be yours.

There you are using key He should be always me You cannot beat key right living You cannot be picky on He should be always or this It should be by for the value that can be repeated Rest Slept See how we can use like addiction right But actually what we need to use that curly bracket on if your keys a stream value-adding to pass the same way you need to pass your stream will for me up it be my G on the then cooling unit right alone and any to pass some value How much apple you have I have seen happen So taking my fun.

If or orange will be the key on trending will be my right This is how you can initialize election But if you want Oh Big All that from the picture How you go taking all the keys from the dictionary You start dysfunction It will be all the key You have enough pictures in my fruit Variable I have apple orange banana I’m whoever These four are my keys life so it will die Apple orange banana I for the values you need Europe see And if you want to get off balance so we’ll start fans assumption it will return all the value you have right for Apple I have seen for orange I have 24 banana have 30 on for whether I have fought right It will reduce all the values like being wind It’ll be 40 like this is how you got extract he’s on Goes from the region It Okay so if you want to modify addiction how you can do that right.

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