How to combine clusters systematically?

On combining rich clusters Will the result in clusters have maximum variants increasing millions If I combine these two clusters the variance increases phenomenally If I combine these two clusters the variance increases but not as much right so our distance will combine those two clusters which result in minimal increase in variance in the super trust Minimal increase in variance in the super question that is cold water but usually use Max Link Asian Average studio.

The question you tell what methodology used to used to form the closer that I get to use that for I mean after that has been formed reading it has been formed in the previous iteration in the next iteration which close to shore I march so every iteration will be merging clusters Which Callister should I Marsh That depends on what metal were used for linking the clusters So when you first start from the full start duration in first tradition all the data points are my clusters So which class or should I merge Euclidean distance So first restoration order second iteration now have clusters too much.

How do I look then The linkage methods coming they be beacon comes and only be hard Bacon comes out okay Interesting Tonight they don’t Yeah it can happen Be safe artist here So it can be an old player It can end up creating a separatist group ritual Yes dimensions The correlation happens at every iteration Okay It’s basically excitement is expert away at minus labor So all these distances this triangle sum it up Divide the total number of data points That just makes part of this Say 10 minutes export Sami why am in this Weber here All the dental Grammy distance Totally That divide with number of data points.

Keep doing this at a great fish So shall we go directly to the street on the wind It doesn’t Yeah this wind it is it I think they’re already seen this on The objective is basically to build a model where we can predict the class of the wine based on the attributes But before we do that make us off your exploratory data analytics blustering and see where some useful information comes out of this data set Which can you be used to find the direction in your soup Rice records Right So that is objective.

This is my um data their leader I’m gonna move on on based on a pair and Allison spare float and Alison’s once again I’m using this to guess the number of clusters in the first dimension A single Gaussian with some bumps here and there But in the second person we can clearly see in the second Kelly we can clearly see at least two cousins Yeah in the 3rd 13 In the 4th 1 there’s one large and followed the small not reliable This can become a Jupiter and this can become moons Lord Good considering Same here also Same with this holds And this You see they’re two clusters one behind the other in factory Three goals in sitting here So based on this diagonal analysis off the K t e Look at this At least three clusters but looks like many small clusters so you can drop this Okay.

You can drop this This is this This is the target variable which is causing the classroom Since we’re going to present the quality you could brought this But what you’re seeing in other dimensions is somewhere three clusters You’re seeing some free closer sitting examinations on it Okay move along I’m making a barometer do clustering I’m using a distance Calculation matter Nuclear in six Okay I’m specifying number of clusters here Don’t get confirms with us A diminutive clustering will print out the dental grand to me based on the dental Graham I’ll decide how many questions I need but this algorithm requires you to input number of clusters So let this be the first iteration where the number of places is some random number Don’t worry about this The reason why they all go to meet this is output of this algorithm is going to be sent Right How many centuries to generate 706 We’ll see it later Whether six is optimal a lot Okay.

This sixth is ah ballpark estimate So maybe not be reliable but it needs it So big unit You fit the data to it This is where the classes will be formed The head I can be formed Okay Oh I’m not run This scored Okay No From let’s let me move on on DDE There you go I asked for six plus Tessa’s give me six labels and it has given me the same Freud’s of the six levels This is not important I comes down straight down Okay What I’m doing here is uh since this myth this methodology stores this label’s back into the data frame itself I’m grouping the data by neighbors.

All the records would belong to Class zero should come together Plus one should company that so and so this is exactly what we did for box floor in the game in question It’s the same stuff I use this later on So come straight down from sky pie Scientific bite on clustering libraries Heraclitus Last thing I’m making is of course Phanatic Distance calculation Confusion calculation Bender Grams Until in case Now look at this I’m going to use on this wind data set Aborigine in Cage Mr Okay on that I’ve reaching engagement that I’m going to feed it to this coffin ity coefficient calculator This country is giving me a cooperative question off 83% which means 83% off The original distance between data points has been maintained by this pentagram Which dental Graham.

See down the line when a plot The dental Graham this is the dental Graham And get I’ll get okay in this dental Graham these air old record levels You see it’s much here This is because there are too many records country shown on the screen Okay And these are all individual records which are getting clubbed and different den diagramming distance Not very good place to be in what we would like to be in this Do you like to be in a place which is very high in Denver Grammy So in this if you look at this command this plot I’ve given a threshold here What a saint have seen his state Here is an official of 40 draw horizontal light So the threshold of 40 which is somewhere here below 50.

When you draw a horizontal line it guts One two three and 44 vertical lines and you get four different clusters Raid light blue green And this one if I change this reassured I think Let me run this and sure to you Let’s not jump these things Um give me one second piece on Just run this Probably you done this We have done this Yeah Okay but this is one of the had orginally Okay if I change this linkage method from 40 to say 80 and redraw this it’s Ah very computational intensive algorithm Came ings and heretical So many distance calculations have happened Yeah Now look at this At this end Ergonomic distance of 80 Which means you’re somewhere here When you draw a horizontal line you’re going to cut only one vertical axis That means all data points become one plus two super close If I change this to say around say I want to clusters I make it 60 Re calculate all those things There you go I got two clusters but as you can see one clusters of very large clusters others very small clusters If I go for two small clusters in the red cluster.

If I do that then allowed to give a very low threshold But when you give Louis fresh or do clusters become an interpreter Because there’s not much difference between the clusters So that is a dynamo Maybe the linkage metal I’ve used is not right So the linkage method which I used If I change the linkage method say it now In this case I’m changing the linkage metal here I’m changing the linkage matter toe Aah Where is complete A real Iwas are here It was average now changed to come complete means Max linkage When I really really do this analysis I get different clusters So every time you change the distance off finding the nearest blisters Listen Motorola defining notice your decision trees will change once again Look at this The reason I’m not happy with this is if I want equally balanced clusters a lot of very low treasure.

If I give a very low threshold it becomes meaningless plasters But at a very high threshold I’m getting imbalanced clusters One very large parts of one Very small Not a good idea So I changed the dental Grammy the distance calculation method again this time a take ward I draw the pentagrams on Dwight seems to give slightly bigger bosoms Now I’m getting at least if I drew a threshold at say 450 or something I’m likely to get 123 and four clusters on The classes are equally balanced more or less off similar size are able to see that.

If I draw my special at this point stumbled at this point If a draw a horizontal line I get one cluster Google isjust three clusters Four clusters and the closer size are similar Almost similar close distance Let’s look at the core Phanatic coefficient The co affinity question forward is only 66 Wonder 66% off The original distance has Bean maintained by your I don’t know what I mean Many times the 66% is actually good be considered It’s a good coefficient You’ll never find yourself in a situation where the coffin it’d correlation coefficient ist one It’ll never happen Crossing the threshold of 70 itself is difficult So we have to take a call whether this is reliable and look at the dental Graham at what threshold I get meaningful clusters Is that threshold if sufficient for me to separate or the thing that the classes are different from each other.

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