How machine learning is influencing our world?

What you just know denied for instead of that you would always like to work your order Thomas Scott Also in the first fashion Where in your trainer Your decision-maker is sitting on the car itself And who is this decision maker Essentially these are going to be many many animal models It could be complex algorithms and so on So what we’re talking about that’s all that intelligence that was sitting in the cloud I want to bring down all that intelligence on the car, Of course, I have to ensure that car has enough Ah God s capable devices Who can run this kind of computes But that is fine I have to pay for it because I want to make this Scott Autonomous Second thing is I need to have a way to deploy all these things over here So that is where we will not go into detail of this.

I’m just telling you the world so that you know that I owe the edge If you have already heard this is what I owe the edges all about which is ah it literally means bringing you I o t to the edge and edges of farting device So here you are trying to bring all your intelligence to compute capability on the device itself And this could be because you want a decision in the near real-time It could be because your device doesn’t have a capability to talk over Internet So there could be 34 scenarios in which you will do that But that’s what essentially I o t s and dot conceptually Willis any questions on this.

Now I come back over here on the portal in dire t have and ah what happens Oh coming over here again So what happens once you receive a message Once I would have received some message from our device Then what Where does it go How does it eventually Let’s I have to put this message in a database That is what my final target is I want this message to come and be stored in here How What happens between this I already have and the state of it So from I already have your message will go to our even tow you enter Is the default endpoint off I appear so from marriage goes to are you went up and from the event of to the state of Israel Multiple ways you can have as your function You can have a stream Analytics s a job running Ah between your uh you went up and database but the default and point that I was talking about is if you see over there in the standings there is something going to build an end point Now this building and point means this is a point that is based in the moon duplicate diary Have you don’t have to do anything else.

It is the default 10 point which comes along with the authority of so built-in and of the movement A great irony ever even come by the fall gets created behind the scenes for you You are not being anything extra for it You are only beings for the idea charges But all your messages that you’re sending you will see those messages get Think you will receive those messages from the ceiling of the desert default and the reason it is story building in point is because you can create your own custom in points and you can send your messages to your customer in point says so But if you don’t know that this is where you will get all your messages by default Okay.

Now from you enter creating as your function or a jurist Stream Analytics is again Ah as your function you can create it in see shop no bite and java And then you’re as your extreme analytics is also something If you want to create it again come over here and you can say created a source and search for extreme analytics shop and then provide the ah quite important you should be able to create as your extreme analytics So um it’s an azure extreme analytic job is very very easy to create and configure But there is only a couple of things that you should annoy Bo Day which is Ah yes is one of the things which is very very native to Asia which means it can’t we integrated with things outside of pleasure.

If you are using a jury stream analytics you kind of have our dependency off using measure This is one of those components and ah otherwise up It’s very easy to use all you have to do if you see on the left-hand side in the joke job apology you have to do Ah inputs outputs queries So queries seven which will do that information for you Input seven from very want to receive the data So if you go to imports you if you say a rest streaming in port you can add an even a wire table The blob stories Its only inputs that you’re gonna add are actually coming from azure outputs is a place where you want to put this state are so in the output you will see a big list You can put it in secret little vase stabilized stories Service wasn’t so there is big list stuff bigly stuff out could ah that is every level for you but yeah so you can use a stream Ah analytics Ah for moving the strata from even upto Ah si Querida base of power bi I or a service bus So any notions on this.

I’m not going objective here is not to cover everything related to Ayodhya No but it’s more group give you overview But more than that to answer the questions that you would have heard from the after going through the contents so is there any concept Anything that you want to ask later toe I already have our even tow, Yes Sofia So keyboard we will some over in Ah I think another 10 minutes Should uh this uh smartphone Sorry Prom scenario Ongoing Okay so I’d like to understand Like how does it comports Like smart home for example you have It’s these refrigerators and everything And people went the land to home before home Come on when they switch on like scissors from the delights of all right before the devil Yes So yes Yeah So the way it works is we’re in your devices.

If let’s say this is your a-c and ah this is I o t For example Now your devices connected over here This is something that you’re so if ah smart They say if you talk about right when you turn on the scene the manual it is certain that you have to connect your a-c to the WiFi And how do you have to do that Or legs there When’s your A-C Is connected to a WiFi and observe This is um ah bare minimum condition You will see any smart A-C you will find that it has to be connected to a WiFi for it is not connected to a WiFi You won’t be able to turn it on using your mobile phone.

So once the race is connected to a WiFi the court is returning the chip that one’s wife eyes detector and you’re able to connect Then you have to connect to a particle It’s not It need not Toby as your eyes It could be eight of Louis I did solution ALS so But you have to connect Why the solution or it could be customer service is created by maybe Simpson or whoever is manufacturer off that easy But eventually it connects to service Now you have been given a mobile app This mobile app knows the sec.

I don’t know what they call it in the language of faces but like for the card, it is vehicle identification number Very similarly let’s call it more a lemur which is unique across all the aces Now your mobile will show Ah well ask you to ad Or maybe if you use the same log an idea and all the mapping between customer and the par chest mortal So if you use your customer Indian sawn it will start showing you your model number that you purchase and ah the move My lefts that have been created for these things they have.

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