How is the data technology evolving?

Now let’s are quick plan Set the agenda We’ll start off by working with the basics off fightin that as variables stereotypes and operators Then we’ll go through by turns data structures which are pupil list dictionary and said off that will learn how to do numerical computing with numb by going ahead Will you walk with the ponderous library to implement data manipulation operations Feeling which will ooh data visualization with the mod plod lip lightly once we are done with these Well hell until the deal assigned spot.

We’ll start with our first machine learning algorithm which is linear regression Then Melo on how to do buying a declassification with the largest dick regression algorithm off that will work with you bees Are you gonna do Which is a probabilistic classifier going ahead with sorrow by understanding quarters unsupervised learning falling which will understand the concept off Blustering on finally will work with G means and hierarchical class string So let’s start over this session.

Let’s start by installing python on you can insult bison from this website over here www dot by thin dot org So I kick on this right so you see that you have the latest version of fighting over here by 10 3.8 point Oh and you can download the python version with respect to whatever operating system you’re using If you have a window system than you can download buy them for windows If you have a line X or UNIX system Then you can download fightinfor line extra UNIX And if you have ah my co operating system then you can download python for Michael pleading system And since I have a window sister Mile downloaded for windows So I just click on the soul here and you see that that download has started right So I actually have biting installed in my system.

So once the installation of python is done we need something known as an I D So I deviously stands for integrated development environment and integrated elopement Anointment basically makes the work much much easier Why programming So it gives you certain problems and you have all of the tools present in the I D And one such a d which is very famous for biting a spy chump So we can install by Tom from the side over here jetbrains dot com slash by charm.

It’s the street to the side opens up right So you have the download button over here You just click on this on dhe for our programming purpose will just download this community was you know we’re right So for your pipes and development you click on download and the download would start and again since I’m using our window system So this is what up Windows system over here All right Now I recognize a python distribution which basically provides you all of the packages in built So you have packages such as Mark Block clip for visualization bond US for data manipulation and numb pie for numerical computing.

You don’t have to manually installed all of these packages So when you actually install and conduct all of these packages are actually pretty installed in Anaconda up and for doing all a few according you have something as the Jupiter notebook So first use of Jupiter notebook we would need Anaconda So let’s go ahead and install Anaconda All right so this is anaconda dot com on Die Just click on download now So we need the anaconda distribution and again I click on download Right So God Windows Marquis and Line X And this is the latest version of python 3.7 So that is what we had downloaded earlier.

This was the old division of Titan 2.7 But everyone has moved on to Python 3.7 now and that is why I will also be downloading on indefinitely despite the motion which is biting 3.7 So we’ll automatically start the download for 64 bit operating system So once the download for Anaconda is done we need something rest of Jupiter notebook which I’ve already told you So the tester to know here to return your book is basically your browser based interpreter that allows us to intractably work with Buyten And this is how your Jupiter notebook looks like So let me go ahead and open up Jupiter notebook.

Let me open up Anaconda prom first So I’ll die Pin Onda conned a prompt So this is the command line interface now open of Jupiter In your book I’ll just type in Jupiter’s piece notebook and let me wait till his opens up All right So this is the Jupiter notebook over here right And this is how it looks like now to open up a new notebook we just have to click on New and we’ll click this new bite and three notebook And we have successfully opened our new by the notebook Let me just rename the stew Buyten programming now once it’s done Let’s go ahead and write off forced by thin program so we’ll just use the brain statement So you just have to type in print and inside this.

I’ll die Pond Let’s see this sparked up on All you have to do is click on run and you have your food’s program You have successfully printed this a spot out on the console Well you’ve just taken the first step to hacking NASA right So we just have to take the baby steps and you’ll be an export bite and programming and you have successfully started with your fullest python program All right so now that the average enough Force Python program the question which needs to arise in your minders every programming language needs to deal with the Lord of Data So where do we actually store this data Well this is what beatable is common.

Let’s say you have to store the names off all of the students present in a classroom So let’s see the names are John Sam Mad Bob on Julian so on And you have 50 such names You have to store all of these names somewhere hearted would Well all you have to do us take available and store all of these names in a variable No you must be thinking we’re exactly so reliable So let’s understand that with this example So simply put readable Czar basically temporary storage spaces where you can store data up or values Now let’s take this example over here So consider this folder to be available.

What you do is you store this value temporarily inside this folder This value us John which is the name of the student to take in this value and please inside this variable for certain amount of time Now after that since this is only a temporary storage piece you can pick out this variable and replace it with Sam right.
Now this variable holds the value some on after some time again you decide that Sam was not the names I want a story and I want to store the name But so can you pick up the name Sam and store Matt inside this full up So this out variables work their temporary storage values where you can keep on changing the values inside it So now that we know where exactly are variables Let’s go to Jupiter Notebook on Dwork with variables.

Again I’ll open upon you by country notebook over here So now to assign a variable I’ll just create a new object over here and I’ll name it as our one I use the assignment operator and I’ll give in the name of the first name would be Bob on to print it out I’ll just type in wire one over here again right So we have successfully stored the value Bob inside wire one Now I’ll seems the value inside this forgettable So what I Lewis I will actually store the value some inside this wire one.

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