Top 10 Most Common Diseases in The World

Health is the most vital aspect for everyone’s lives but some time due to some issues we can’t take care of our health. The percentage of Death in the world from common diseases is also increasing every day and that’s why many National and International Health Organizations are also spreading awareness in the people to … Read more

17 most healthy fruits

Healthy Fruits

Nutrition and health both are dependent on each other. The portrayal of our eating chart is also vital for good health. Here is the list of 17 Most Healthy Fruits that every person must add in their diet chart. Fruit with Most Healthy Benefits is always the apple’s eye of the people in the modern world because … Read more

List Of Worst Pandemics In The History Of The World

Black Death Pandemic

The terms ‘pandemic’ and ‘epidemic’ have often been used interchangeably. But the two are different from each other, according to scientists and researchers worldwide. While an epidemic refers to the spread of a disease in a limited geographical area or community, a pandemic is an epidemic spread over multiple regions, sometimes countries and continents. In … Read more