Application of machine learning in real life.

It’s going to become 10 times slow Your training time will be huge So can I bring the daytime to memory so that when I do forward-backward forward-backward iterations I read the data from the memories of going to the hardness So if the data set is small I can take the entire data set on the say bad sizes This that much records it will try to fit into the room if the data sets in terrorist terabytes then re-split the data set in tow Bad size We tell what batch size of each batch should be It’ll take your data batch by patch do a forward-backward I just await Take the second batch to do a forward-backward and just wait Thank you Uh it’s a business No todo you fit function.

This is not a federal issue It’s not for battle Interjection If it comes to me all the data points are supposed before one particular feature Please You can create different features Base and off it I’ll come back to a point that stolen Okay now look at this The data size is too large This is my data So what you do is we split this into batch I’m showing you this Split us sequential But again it’s random spritz on now One of the spirits Let’s call this batch one bone b two b three before B five once comes into the memory on this your model does the forward propagation a dead one Backward propagation and just the weight’s OK Initially the weights would everyone you’ve got everyone and just await you go w to the new weights Are the new rates good again.

This time The Batch one has done his job Read match too Send the batch to through new IDs Find out the other two do a backdrop I just the weights Are these weights good enough Read the third bunch That’s three Send the best veto This e three So every batch is red forward prop errors and just wait through the batch out Read the next batch Rental rates too See that backdrop Janet Very durable military throw the bachelor take the next batch to validate these REITs Okay so now what’s happening is under one A poke Bonnie Polk is the raid The reading of one Full later Fine Within money Poke Now you have high traditions of batch beauty ch between any poke you have an iteration for batch Are you all with me.

When we’re under you’ll see a locked file coming out in the log file If you observe what will happen in our cases since we’re treated the entire data set off the Beatles and Records is a batch You have seen the lock file One injury coming like this I christen this the next entry coming like this I could see this I’ll show that to you in the run it, Okay if suppose the exploiter later into two batches then you’ll see this in jumps for the first batch some accuracy second batch and advocacy Then a poke to first bad second But it broke three First bad Second batch on.

You’ll see 20 such lines in the output log file You’ll see it justice Right now Since our batch is equal during data Sit What disease 20 lines over here 20 lines and locked file 40 lines If the boxes for 40 years before the lens shallow Gordon play with all these things Really Okay I got the red line Yeah Model is notifying Okay give me one-second place I didn’t run this Uh yeah no more little compile Okay now we’ll do Model that fit Oh model compile itself I’ve done the fit Also do one thing, please.

All if you do one thing look at the screen What I want you to do is just remove this line Please remove this line all If you look at the screen don’t miss this Control X insert a new court cell and place it there Andranik separately the frit function I want to rent it separately Okay so I’m going to do this again I’m going to initialize the model again and do this again All if you start from models that sequin ship this time once you pasted the court separately please start from this trip model that compiles Now we’ll do the model that fits on the iron boss Okay.

It’s coming out now Look at this model Not fit You have this kind of log in front of you First of all homey in a rose Will you have you left 40 Does on in the 40 Rose that you see this loss and accuracy training loss training a crazy on the validation increases the 0.36 Are you all with me You want me to wait for Anybody, okay We’re not talking Hey ladies You want me to rate You’re all because okay Oh no screwing down Scroll down What I’ve done here is I’m going to convert this into box plots OK I’ll explain the court to you in a minute so I’m going to convert this in the box plot.

Please execute this one knows So now let me explain what I’ve done here The history command What The history Come on Does this for every e box that you have executed for every park it captures your accuracy scores on training testing and the Los Olives Since you have 40 runs it would have captured 40 training loss training accuracy under test accuracy, Okay That is already doesn’t know what I do is you asked the question How does that mortal is forfeit of north We build a box plot using trainee Chrissy we build a box Floaties they testicles on those box plots is what you’re seeing.

But before I go to the box Lords the history come earned that we have used that history commanders Word is capturing all these details for us across the box, Okay so if you look at this Ah I’ll shoot you on-screen There you go I’m using Modeled Outfit since I’m going to use 40 boxes here at every port What are these metrics Training Chrissy Training loss and validation A Chrissy that’ll be captured into this history on the It is that history that I’ve captured which I’m using here I’m saying from history Get me a Chrissy This accuracy is training a Chrissy to store it in a separate data frame called training at Christie’s from history captured the validation A crazy storage in separate data fame called valid validation accuracy.

So I credit toe data friends here Then what I do is I can coordinate these two dolphins so this is no like a data frame of two columns So you have a date A famous two columns No one columnist for Training Chrissy the other columnist for validation increases how many increases will have Year 40 On this I do a box plot Where do that box floored Look at the two boxes This is printing out the crazies course The raw numbers not very useful Visual is visualization is much better when you look at the box Plourde What this is telling us Getting better What’s getting them.

The crazies in the range of lives then 60 plus our miners for the training set for test sick bureaucracies in the ridge of 60 plus or minus The green line is a median value, Okay and since the two boxes are almost symmetric you see the cemetery Aurea left side and rights ever symmetric So most likely these distributions are like normal distributions and hence mean and median are almost similar So the average accuracy off your training data On training the day average increase he was around 59 58% Well.

Its untested ER that I could see is around 60% I have rejected the maximum accuracy in both The cases have been around 80 80% accuracy in training 18 testings in one of the boxes of God 80 But most of the people is that you have The Chris has been around this Now let’s see how we can improve this Obviously that’s not good Are you all with me Shell Move on a cushion Yeah Good The histories get capturing the Only model.

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