An Upgraded List of Jobs With The Largest Workforce

Employment is one of the first things on everyone’s mind these days. The pandemic has overturned everyone’s career plans last year, but the economic situation is on its way to recovery. As a result, people are looking for better opportunities in different business verticals like retail, healthcare, technology, consultation, etc. Sectors like real estate, hospitality & recreation, travel & tourism are recovering slower than others. Under these circumstances, it is essential to be informed of the latest trends in the job industry. Naturally, the trends of yesterday may not be relevant to the job situation of today.

In this post, you can get the latest updates about some of the trendiest jobs with the largest workforce. Scroll on!

  • Healthcare workers 

Undoubtedly, the healthcare industry is leading in the list of most common jobs in the world these days. Besides nurses and doctors, therapists, researchers, and scientists are also getting employed on a massive scale. For example, jobs for nursing practitioners are estimated to increase by 52% in the next eight years. Jobs for physical therapists are set to surge by 33% within 2029. Other occupations like medical and health service managers and assistants will also add to the workforce, taking the industry’s employment capacity to the next level. Soon, it will be a hub of common occupations in the world. No wonder 2021 is regarded as the year of health and care workers! 

  • Skilled occupations (e.g., utility services)

The lockdown phase had initially impacted their employment, but soon the situation turned in their favor. Even after the lockdown got lifted, people were scared to come out of their homes. Hence, they appointed these people frequently to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. According to a report by Statista, about 188,834 US citizens were working in the utility sector in 2019. It will increase in the coming days, at least before the entire population gets vaccinated. 

  • Retail workers

In 2018, the retail industry employed 9.8 million people in the US alone. There is no denying that the sector has some of the most common jobs worldwide. However, this sector too suffered an initial setback at the outbreak of the pandemic but made up for it soon. Even with the lower number of jobs, the retail industry is doing well and plans to expand its workforce, especially in the eCommerce sector. It aims to fulfill the newly-found online shopping craze among quarantined citizens. 

  • Customer service representatives

Increased digitization and online shopping activities have led to a surge in customer services. As a result, more people are getting employed in this sector to resolve queries, offer solutions, and even promote services/products. In 2019, about 3,018,800 jobs were available in this sector, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number is expected to increase in the coming years, making it a hub of one of the most popular professions in all countries. 

  • Data scientists 

Online activities generate mounds of data that need to be analyzed and interpreted to derive useful information. Data scientists help manage the process with the help of various tools and techniques. In the following years, this sector will experience a massive surge in employment. Already, seasoned professionals with knowledge of data science are being employed by leading organizations to up their data generation capabilities. In the next few years, some of the most popular jobs in the world will be created in this sector. 

  • IT computer experts

Now, this is too predictable and expected. Computers literally rule our lives these days, and it is needless to say that IT technicians with improved knowledge of computers and related devices are required now, more than ever. Besides computer specialists, other IT jobs include mobile application developers, SaaS developers, gamers and game designers, cybersecurity professionals, and system analysts. Like data scientists, cybersecurity professionals are getting better opportunities already. In the future, these IT jobs will be enlisted among the common occupations in the world. 

  • Transportation and warehousing jobs 

As more people switch to online shopping, transportation, and warehousing activities will increase. Further, transportation jobs will also include drivers of passenger vehicles besides freight goods. Indeed the tourism industry is suffering a setback for the moment, but soon it will gain momentum with significant progress in the global vaccination drive. Hence, these jobs will add in number, offering employment opportunities to millions of people worldwide. 

  • Community worker jobs

Social servicing is gaining prominence with an increase in awareness these days. More educated and qualified community workers are joining the bandwagon. This sector also includes mental health therapists, group workers, caregivers, community food and housing providers, life coaches, motivational speakers, psychics, and substance abuse therapists, thus expanding the employment ratio. In the coming days, we will see more of these people working hand-in-hand to ensure healthy living for all. 

  • General office clerks

From accountants to compliance management experts, office clerks are not losing their importance any soon. Currently, there are over 3,000,000 US workers in this sector. These professionals either work on the direct payroll of an organization or offer their services as outsourcers. However, there’s no denying that a company requires these qualified and experienced professionals to manage different business aspects. 

  • Restaurant and hospitality workers

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the employment capacity of the restaurant and hospitality sector, it has some of the most common jobs in the world, in general. More than 15 million workers are currently employed in the sector. With active networking and a surge in online applications, the industry is set to witness a massive upheaval in the coming days. There is no doubt that the hospitality sector will help recover the global economy in the post-vaccinated world. 

Wrapping it up

Some other sectors that give rise to the most popular jobs in the world are real estate, interior décor, website design & graphics, marketing & advertisement, and entertainment. As the world recovers from the ravages of the pandemic, these sectors will soon take the economy up and above, breaking all records. Proper upskilling and training will help increase your chances of employability. Are you ready for the boom in employment in 2021 and beyond?  

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